DeepKarst 2016: Origins, Resources, and Management of Hypogene Karst!

Dear Friends,

Are you interested in deep groundwater flow in karst? How it affects cave and aquifer development? Mineral deposition? Distribution of cave species? Land management?

If so, mark 11-14 April 2016 on your calendars and come to Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA, for DeepKarst 2016: Origins, Resources, and Management of Hypogene Karst!

This conference will focus on hypogenic karst and all that entails. Hypogenic karst is formed by rising groundwater and is a growing field of interest with much to learn and refine. It is being organized by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute of the USA in cooperation with Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis Commission of the International Union of Speleology.

For more details, visit and mark it on your website. In the coming months look for details on trips, submitting papers, registration, and more. If you received this message via a list server and want to be on the direct mailing list for more information, please contact me via my address below.

Please distribute this message to anyone who might be interested!

Thank you,


George Veni, Ph.D.
Executive Director
National Cave and Karst Research Institute

Poziv za speleoskup BiH 2014

Skup speleologa BiH 2014 će se održati od 09. do 11. maja 2014. godine u osnovnoj školi Jevrem Stanković, mjesto Čečava, opština Teslić, u organizaciji Speleološkog društva Ponir Banja Luka. Pozivamo vas da prisustvujete pomenutom skupu i da unaprijed prijavite svoj dolazak (broj članova društva koji planira da dođe).
Kotizacija za skup će iznositi 10KM (majice će se prodavati po cijeni od 10 KM).
Organizator će obezbijediti 3 obroka za učesnike (doručak i ručak u subotu i doručak u nedjelju). Za sve učesnike će biti obezbjeđen smještaj u fiskulturnoj sali (učesnici treba da ponesu vreće za spavanje).
Svi učesnici koji planiraju da imaju prezentaciju, treba da pošalju prijavu rada i rezime, najkasnije 30 dana prije početka skupa(do 09.aprila). Prezentacija treba da traje najduže 15 minuta.
Na skupu će se birati najbolja speleofotografija. Svako od učesnika ima pravo da pošalje do 3 fotografije, najkasnije 15 dana prije početka skupa. Organizator će vas o svim promjenama blagovremeno obavijestiti.
Više informacija možete naći na:
Radove, pitanja, sugestije slati na:

PUBLISHED: 05.02.2014. 00:57

9th EuroSpeleo Forum

Dear Caver Friends, Chers Amis Spéléos, Dragi Speologi

Welcome to the website of the 9th EuroSpeleo Forum and the celebration of 20 years since the foundation of the Romanian Federation of Speleology (FRS).

Visit the event’s website to prepare the most magical speleo holiday in 2014: Where the Danube breaks the Carpathian’s wall, at the Northern border of the Balkans, in one of the largest karst area in Europe

Any advice from cavers and national federations is welcome to improve the website presentation and bring the speleo event closer to the dream.


On behalf of Romanian cavers, we are looking forward to meet you in Băile Herculane, Romania in 2014.


Bogdan Bădescu, FRS President

Viorel Lascu, President of the EuroSpeleo Forum 2014 Organizing Committee

PUBLISHED: 19.07.2013. 14:59

Čovjek i krš 2013


Centar za krš i speleologiju Sarajevo vas sa zadovoljstvom poziva da sudjelujete na međunarodnom znanstveno - stručnom skupu Čovjek i krš, koji će se održati od 17. – 20. oktobra / listopada 2013. godine u hotelu Brotnjo, Čitluk, BiH.

Više informacija o hotelu Brotnjo možete naći na na oficijelnoj web stranici hotela:

U prilogu vam dostavljamo Prvi poziv, Prijavni obrazac i Upute autorima za pisanje sažetka i cjelovitog rada. Popunjen obrazac prijave i sažetak rada/postera je potrebno dostaviti do 1. 9. 2013. godine na e-mail adresu

Molimo vas proslijedite poziv svim zainteresiranim sudionicima.

Za sve dodatne informacije, možete nas kontaktirati putem e-mail adrese:  

Dobro došli!

Centar za krš i speleologiju Sarajevo

PUBLISHED: 19.07.2013. 14:59

16 ICS_Spelemedia  

 Dear colleagues, Dear caving friends

Since we have published the information in regards to the PhotoSalon, many of you have shown interest and already submitted your photographs to the competition.  Thank you very much!

I am very happy to announce that we have also published more detailed information about SpeleMedia on the 16 ICS Congress website!

SpeleMedia is a traditional and prestigious competition among producers of moving-image depictions related to caves, cavers, and caving. Entries will be judged prior to the ICS by an international panel of jurors and during ICS by people who watch them. Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries.

Spelemedia is also great global festival because people from all around the world can meet at the ICS and share their films and slideshows! We welcome all movie makers and photographers and look forward to your entries to Spelemedia!

Detailed information can be found here:

Additional details regarding the 3D will follow soon!

Zdenek Motycka
16 ICS Chairman

PUBLISHED: 13.02.2013. 16:45

3rd EuroSpeleo Image'In Film Festival Millau 2013  

Dear Caving Friends, Chers Amis Spéléos,

We would like to remind you that the great gathering of the FSE this year will be in only 4 months on 18-20 May 2013 in Millau-France for the 8th EuroSpeleo Forum & 50th Anniversary of the FFS, with pre-congress activities on 8-17 May (see ).
So you have only one month from now to propose your videos and slideshows to the organisers of the 3rd EuroSpeleo Image'In Film Festival Millau 2013.
For that you just have to send the following form :
to this email address :
before the 20th of February 2013.

You will find more information on the Millau 2013 pre-circular :
and on the 3rd EuroSpeleo Image'In Film Festival Call :

If you have any other question please let us know at :

Looking forward to see your films and slideshows in Millau 2013 !
Again a year 2013 that will bring you many great explorations underground.
Kind regards,

Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
Michel Luquet
Organiser 3rd EuroSpeleo Image'In Film Festival

8° EuroSpeleo Forum & 50° Anniv. FFS
Yes I go with my club to Millau 2013 !
18-20 May 2013 - Millau - Grands Causses - Midi Pyrénées - France
Oui je vais avec mon club à Millau 2013 !

FSE Official Partner - Cordes - BEAL - Ropes - Partenaire Officiel FSE

************************ ****************************
FSE Official Partner - Equipement - AV - Gear - Partenaire Officiel FSE

********************** ***********************
FSE Official Partner - Lampes - Scurion - Lamps - Partenaire Officiel FSE

***************************** *****************************
PUBLISHED: 20.01.2013. 19:15

16th International Congress of Speleology Brno Czech Republic July 21st to 28th 2013 International Union of Speleology

Statement by the President of the International Union of Speleology
Reference the 16th International Congress of Speleology Brno Czech Republic July 21st to 28th 2013

The next (16th) International Congress of Speleology is now less than a year away.  Indeed scientific papers have to be in by the 17th of December (this is a delay from the previous deadline of the 1st November).   Please look on the website  for further information.

The basic registration for the whole conference if paid before the end of January 2013 is only a little over 140 Euros, very good value for a weeklong conference.  In addition pre-booked accommodation starts under 5 Euros per night in a camping, next to the Australian pub!

The wonderful pre and post congress excursions are selling out fast so the sooner they are booked the better.  The prices of these starts at 100 Euros for 4 day camp in Budapest.  The quality and variety of excursions is wonderful, again look on the website.

Booking cheap flights to Brno needs reviewing, but certainly Ryanair from London Stansted will open their booking for July early in 2013 and will probably cost something in the region of 30 Euros return for the first people to book.

The venue is excellent being an old conference centre built before the second world war and as such makes it very suitable for a Caving Conference, plenty of room and not too many frills.

The Hotels and dormitories around the Conference Centre are of all standards, some being very comfortable indeed.  I am sure there will be some magnificent parties, both official and unofficial.  During the week long congress there will be a day of excursions, either to some pretty impressive local caves or visits to cultural and natural world sites they all look very enjoyable to me.

Finally, don’t forget the entries for the competitions.  Like any caving conference there will be competitions for cartography, caving art, multi-media presentations and during the conference there will be caving Olympics with rope climbing etc.  In addition the International Union of Speleology also gives prizes for the best discovery that they consider has been made since the previous conference and there will be mention of the best books published over that period.  There will also be a UIS poster prize presented to the best poster in Brno.  There are some substantial prizes so please get working on your presentations.  There should be in the region of 2,000 likeminded cavers at this conference and I am certain it is going to be extraordinarily interesting and enjoyable.

I look forward to seeing you all there in July 2013.



8th EuroSpeleo Forum "Millau 2013"  

Thank you to broasdcast this message to all cavers around you /
Merci de diffuser cet email à tous les spéléos autour de vous

Dear Caving Friends, Chers Amis Spéléos,
We have the pleasure to send you here attached the pre-circular for the 8th EuroSpeleo Forum "Millau 2013" in Millau-Midi-Pyrénées-France that will be held on 17-20 May 2013 with pre-congress activities since the 8th of May, in the hearth of the Grands Causses karstic natural park, on the occasion of the 50th anniversay of the FFS. The pre-circular is also available on :
You can already book these dates in your agenda.
Meanwhile, see you soon at Muotathal-Switzerland end of September,
Best speleological regards,

Jean-Pierre Gruat
Millau 2013 Coordinator
Email :
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE

Come and visit FSE at the 2nd EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium
        Circular :

             Yes I go with my club to SpeleoDiversity 2012 !
  7th EuroSpeleo Forum - 29 Sept - 1 Oct 2012 - Muotathal - CH
Oui je vais avec mon club au rassemblement SpeleoDiversité 2012 !

PUBLISHED: 21.06.2012. 23:50

Speleo-TV Contest

Dear Caving Friends, Chers Amis Spéléos,

It's with a great pleasure that the FSE invites you to participate to the "Speleo-TV Contest" of the best bilingual presentation trailer.
The objective is to create a dynamic and esthetic presentation video (trailer) between 30 to 90 seconds presenting Speleo-TV project and values, the new multilingual web-TV for all European cavers.
So it is a unique opportunity for you to let your imagination create a short-video that will become the official Speleo-TV trailer !
This contest is sponsored by the Scurion lamps - FSE Official Partner - , that we want here to warmly thank for their support.

If you want to participate to this FSE video contest, please first create your video(s) and then fill the online form available at the bottom of the following page :
this before the 31st of July 2012, last chance.
If your video is selected as the new official Speleo-TV trailer by the FSE you will win the 1st prize (value 700 euros).
You may send one or several video proposals (please register separately for each video). Every video must comply to the official contest rules available on :

After having red both of these webpages, should you still have any other question, please let us know at :

Looking forward to watch your creative Speleo-TV trailer !
And don't forget that even in the deepest cave ... "Art is Emotion" ...
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Speleo-TV !

Elina Saarinen
Speleo-TV Workgroup Coordinator
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE

PUBLISHED: 22.05.2012. 10:31

International Cave-Survey Camp Topo Sorbas 2012 

Dear Colleague:
The Euro Forum Speleo "Marbella 2011", organized by our federation, were very theoretical and very "sporting".
Now we want to invite you to participate in a speleological exploration and surveying camp in the province of Almeria: "International Cave-Survey Camp Topo Sorbas 2012"
This is one of the most singular places of Andalusia with a unique caves and one of the world famous gypsum karst by its singularity.
We want that everything works out the best and it is why we ask you to confirm us your intention to participate and, if possible, the number of people interested. At the moment is just an approximation to know what resources we have to mobilize. I remind you that this is an exploration and topography camp in gypsum caves.
Awaiting your news.
Best regards
José A. Berrocal Pérez
Federación Andaluza de Espeleología

PS: For more information, visit the website of the club which is organizing the Camp:

PUBLISHED: 22.05.2012. 10:31

40th Edition of the Congress of Speleology

Dear colleagues,

We would be honoured to welcome you as our guests at the 40th Edition of the Congress of Speleology organized by the Romanian Federation of Speleology, on 5-9 September 2012 in Rasnov, in the county of Brasov. Please see attached invitation.

Best regards and see you in Rasnov.

Costache Roman
VP Romanian Federation of Speleology
Head of International Relations Department

We would be honoured to welcome you as our guests at the 40th edition of the Congress of Speleology organized by the Romanian Federation of Speleology. The congress will take place on 5-9 September 2012 in Rasnov, in the county of Brasov, Romania. The county of Brasov is located in the central part of Romania, in the Carpathians bend and offers speleological, touristic and cultural attractions such as: Piatra Craiului National Park (, Bucegi National Park (, the city Rasnov (, and Brasov ( The event is organized by the Avenul Speleology Club under the patronage of the Romanian Federation of Speleology and with the support of Rasnov Hall.
Updated information about this event can be found on:

Geza Zakariás
Secretary, Avenul Speleology Club

PUBLISHED: 22.05.2012. 10:31

Drage kolege i prijatelji,
Zadovoljstvo nam je pozvati vas da sudjelujete na Susretu speleologa i istraživača krša Bosne i Hercegovine, koji će se održati od 4. do 6. maja/svibnja 2012. godine u mjestu Veliko Čajno (Visoko), u organizaciji Centra za krš i speleologiju Sarajevo i Udruženja Eko Viking Visoko.

Detaljnije informacije možete naći u pozivu koji dostavljamo u prilogu. Za sve ostale potrebne informacije možete nas kontaktirati na

Molimo vas da poziv proslijedite svim zainteresiranim sudionicima. Dobrodošli!

Jasminko Mulaomerović
Centar za krš i speleologiju Sarajevo i Udruženje Eko Viking Visoko

  PUBLISHED:09.03.2012. 13:27

20th International Karstological School, Postojna, June 18th-23rd, 2012.

Dear Colleagues,

In the attachment please find a First Circular on the 20th International Karstological School, Postojna, June 18th-23rd, 2012.
We are looking forward to see you in Postojna,
Andrej Mihevc & Franci Gabrovšek in the name of the Organising committee

PUBLISHED:01.02.2012. 18:12

13th Swiss National Congress of Speleology - EuroSpeleo Forum 2012

We are happy to kindly invite you to participate to the great European speleological 2012 gathering that will be the 13th Swiss National Congress of Speleology - EuroSpeleo Forum 2012, from September 29 till October 1st, 2012, in Muotathal - Switzerland, in a karstic massif at 60km south of Zurich beside Hölloch cave, greatest Swiss cave. There, will also be held the 2nd edition of the EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium, which first edition was at Vercors 2008.
This congress follows the motto “Speleodiversity” because there is neither “a speleology” nor "a caver” but a diversity of specialised areas and interests within caving and cave research. We’ll represent all fields of speleology and it will be a platform for mutual exchange between cavers from all over Europe and beyond.
Interesting sessions about scientific and exploration speleology in Switzerland and all over Europe, caving techniques and IT technology in caving, a 3D-Photoshow and, of course, great caving trips and much more than you may expect. You surely shouldn't miss that !

The 2nd circular of the event is available in 3 languages : *English :

Please register asap at and take advantage of the early-booker fee until January 31st 2012.
On the website you'll find all the usefull information you need to prepare your participation to the 7th EuroSpeleo Forum "SpeleoDiversity 2012".
See you in Muotathal - Switzerland !
A Merry Christmas to you all,and safe caving in 2012.

PUBLISHED:21.12.2011. 13:15

5th International Workshop on Ice Caves

Barzio and Milano, Italy, September 16-23, 2012
IWIC is a series of workshops devoted entirely to ice cave research.
After meetings in Romania, Slovak Republic, Russia, and Austria, Italy now hosts this unique workshop. We offer a place to examine the state-of-the-art, discuss ongoing research efforts, and boost international cooperation. We will explore interest for future research projects and define a general strategy for ice cave studies and management.
IWIC-V is an ideal opportunity to widen communication among interested researchers and highlight important research results. IWIC-V is organized under the auspices of the Glacier, Firn, and Ice Caves Commission of the International Union of Speleology, and the Italian Glaciological Committee.
Contributions related to any aspect of ice cave research are welcome,
- Ice cave climatology and the relationship between hypogean and epigean environments
- Morphology and mass balance of cave ice deposits
- Stratigraphy and internal structure of cave ice deposits
- Ice sampling methods
- Cave ice crystal fabric
- Chemical and isotopic studies of cave ice and its fluid inclusions
- Applications of radiometric methods
- Palynology, dendrochronology and other biology-related studies applied to ice cave research

For more details please, visit

PUBLISHED:13.12.2011. 08:48


Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Park Škocjanske jame, Grotta Gigante S.A.G./Velika jama v Briščikih and Università degli studi di Trieste
invite you to participate in the
From 13th to 15th September 2012
Organized by
Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU
Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija
Grotta Gigante S.A.G./Velika jama v Briščikih
Universita degli studi di Trieste, Dipartimento di geoscienze

All the information is available at
Inštitut za raziskovanje krasa ZRC SAZU
Titov trg 2
6230 Postojna
tel.: (+386) 5 700 19 00
fax: (+386) 5 700 19 99


Park Škocjanske jame
Škocjan 2
SI - 6210 Divača

All lectures and the meeting point for fieldwork, as well as excursions, will be at Park Škocjanske jame. Detailed information about the meeting and accommodations will be provided in the second circular.

Topics and goals
The Congress will focus on scientific research in show caves. Show caves are a special underground environment with the natural processes characteristic of caves, but with additional human impacts that provide significant common problems and research opportunities. Usually, their infrastructure offers scientists better conditions for research because the many pathways as well as electrical and optical illumination enable easier access and charging of scientific instruments.
Show caves are convenient for studying both natural processes and the human impact. The direct human impact is considerably higher in show caves with several hundred thousand visitors per year or in small passages open to the public. What is the human impact, how is it measured, what approaches are available to minimise it – these are just a few questions to be considered. Human impact on cave biodiversity and its consequences for the cave environment, including lampenflora, will also be discussed. The goals of the meeting are to present and share different research approaches in show caves and to discuss the results and measures needed to improve the management of show caves.
We invite show cave managers, scientists who are involved in research in show caves and other interested experts to participate.

PUBLISHED:13.12.2011. 01:01

International Speleological SRT Championship - 2012 - Russian Federation

We invite you to participate in International Speleological SRT Championship. It will be going 2012 September, 13-17 in Hadjohskaya pass (near Maykop, Republic of Adygei, Russian Federation) as a part of Sporting Tourism Festival and Speleological SRT Championship of Russia. Aim of competition is contacts between speleologists from different countries (there will be viewing of films concerning speleology), skill sharing in various SRT-techniques, testing of the most competent and quick speleologists. There will be interesting distances as for individuals as for teams of two and four sportsmen. Those distances will simulate operation into the cave.

The place of competition is well-known for its nature and developed tourism facilities. You can easily come their by car or mass transportation. You may live in tents or at tourist bases and hotels. You can also visit nature reserve Lago-Naki, which is well-known in Russia for its beauty, and local caves, make rafting on river Belaya, watch competition of Russian mountaineering, boating, backpacking tourists and travelling cyclists.

International Speleological SRT Championship is organized by
Moscow Sporting Tourism Federation
Moscow Speleological Committee
Republic of Adygei Sporting Tourism Federation
With the support of Republic of Adygei Administration.

Project coordinator Natalya Sizikova (Moscow)
Phone number 89264306465 E-mail:

All the information concerning the competitions as well as photos and videos of previous Championships will be available on

PUBLISHED:13.12.2011. 00:58

Speleobats 2012 international conference

20-23. September 2012.
Miskolc – Bükk Mountains

The confrencia will pay special attention to the legislative and practical conservation of the bats and their cave habitat, to the effects of cave tourism on bats, and to researches on the WNS and other bat deseases: but any paper releated to cave-roosting bats are wellcomed.
Besides the scientific presentations exhibitions and sale of stamps, postcards, gifts, badges, and constructions of fine arts displaying bats, as well as of publications and leaflets conserning bats are planned.
The programme of the conference includes a field-trip to the Bükk Mountains, where cave habitats closing methods with special respect to bats and mist-netting will be presented.
Detailed information will be available in the First Circular, as well as on the website: and at e-mail: in February 2012.
For a smooth organization participants are kindly requested to send back their preliminary registration form until 2012 January 20 to any of the following addresses:
Magyar Karszt- és Barlangkutató Társulat
1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri út 35.

PUBLISHED:13.12.2011. 00:55

2012 - The year of the fist European cave animal

Dear friends,
2012 will be the year of the fist European cave animal.

The European Society of Archnology elected the cave spider Meta Menardi to the next European Spider of the Year. Meta Menardi was suggested by the German Speleological Federation VdHK.
Since 2009 VdHK promotes the German cave animal of the year with great success and recommends publicity to protect subterranean biodiversity with this very easy tool. All we do is a homepage ( with download material as flyer, poster and press release. VdHK offers posters and flyers to members and showcaves.
Print media follow the idea "nature of the year" and pick information from the internet. Today you can find the German cave animal of the year not only in newspapers and magazines but also in school material and calendars.

It would be great if other speleo federations join this project, it is less work and good outcome.
VdHK will be pleased to assist (you could use our texts, layout etc.)
The European Society of Archnology present Meta Menardi in several languages.
You may contact the national arachnology organisation in your country aswell.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch,
hope to hear from you soon

with German underground regards
happy holiday and a good speleo 2012
Baerbel Vogel
German Speleological Federation
Verband der deutschen Höhlen- und Karstforscher e.V. VdHK

PUBLISHED:13.12.2011. 00:53

Speleo Projects information

Dear Caving Friends,
Speleo Projects thanks all of its customers and partners for a wonderful year! We look forward to serving you in 2012!
Please visit the Speleo Projects online website: to see all the new items we have for you:
• Caving Calendar 2012
• 2012 Calendario - Gruppo Milano
• La France souterraine
• Die Segeberger Höhle, 2011
• Grandes cavités méditerranéennes – Languedoc et Rouergue
• Die Fledermaus (Kinderbuch, 2011)
• Kobold Mausohr / Kobold Mouse-Ear (DE/ENG bilingual children's book, 2011)
• Fledermäuse (Richarz, 2011)
• Caves of Easter Island (Bilingual: English/ español)
• Welche Fledermaus ist das? (Naturführer, 2011)
• New Berlin Expedition Reports on Laos, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, Meghalaya India and South Vietnam (2011)
• La Sima de la Higuera + 3D (ENG/ ES bilingual)
• Let's Look at Caves (Torchlight children's book)
• Yanhe 2008, China Caves Project expedition report
• Buco Cattivo, 2011 (italiano)
• The Subterranean environment / L'ambiente sotterraneo (Bilingual ENG/ IT)
Special reduced price..
• Inside Mother Earth (FR, DE, ENG) CHF 29; EUR 21

Happy holidays!
Sue and Urs Widmer

PUBLISHED:13.12.2011. 00:38

  A Karst Waters Institute Symposium on Carbon in Karst and Boundaries in Karst

January 7 to 11, 2013, Carlsbad, New Mexico


There is growing interest in the dynamics of both inorganic and organic carbon in karst systems, and especially in the flux of carbon and nutrients between surface and subsurface and between different components in the subsurface of karst. This symposiuim will highlight recent advances in biology, geology, and hydrology that are helping us understand the dynamics of karst ecosystems, especially with respect to carbon. There will be both invited lectures and contributed posters covering the following topics:
• Fluxes and reservoirs in and through epikarst
• Fluxes and reservoirs in and through the phreatic zone
• Lateral inputs into karst—insurgences
• Lateral outputs in karst—resurgences
• CO2 storage in karst
• Organic carbon sources and carbon quality in karst
• Large scale models and synthesis
The meeting will be held at the headquarters of the newly constructed National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI). In addition to the invited talks, there will be two evening poster sessions and a day-long field trip to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, including a visit to the cave. The meeting site is close not only to Carlsbad Caverns National Park but also Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and makes an ideal starting place for a visit to the many parks and features of the desert southwest. Selected papers from the symposium will be published in the interdisciplinary karst journal, Acta Carsologica. The first circular will be distributed in September, 2011. For more information, contact Daniel Fong (program chair, or David Culver (meeting chair,
PUBLISHED:12.07.2011. 10:08

  EuroSpeleo Forum 2011

Dear Friends, Chers Amis,
The great gathering 2011 of all European cavers will be on 23-25 of September in Marbella-Spain near Malaga. We send you the Google Earth link here attached and we invite you to discover the information circular of the event available on the 4-languages-website of the EuroSpeleo Forum 2011 :

If you want to present there a lecture/conference, a poster, a video, etc, it is the moment to do it now :
For that everything is explained on :

on the "Dossier" page and on the "Registration" page.
The practical information for lodging and to get there by train, bus, car and plane through Malaga are inside the circular.
Should you have any further you can write to
So See you Soon at Marbella 2011 for this great moment !
Hasta Luego en Marbella 2011 !
Olivier Vidal - Secr. General FSE
Email :



Speleokamp će se održati u periodu, 17.06- 26.06 .2011. godine, na području Parka prirode Tajan, lokalitet Duboka Tajašnica, općina Zavidovići – Bosna i Hercegovina.
Speleokamp se održava u sklopu projekta „TAJAN- Tourism, Asdventure, Joj Attractions, Nature“ .
Projekat provodi Turistička zajednica ZDK sa partnerima : Općina Zavidovići, ŠPD ZDK i SNIK Atom -Zavidovići.
Ukupna vrijednost projekta je 468, 000 EUR, od čega Evropska unija finansira projekat u iznosu od 350,000 EUR putem Instrumenta pretpristupne pomoći (IPA).
Za sve istraživače je obezbjedjen šatorski smještaj, ishrana, karbit i lokalni transport.
Na prostoru Tajana je do sada registrovano 80 speleoloških objekata. Nisu završena istraživanja svih objekata. Najduži i najdublji od njih je sistem «Ponor kod brvnare – jama Atom» ( duzine 2000m i dubine 220m) čije istraživanje nije završeno. Očekuje se i pronalazak novih speleoloških objekata.

Za više informacija, molimo kontaktirajte:
Admir Bajraktarević -Ado
+387 61 985 333 ili putem e-maila
PUBLISHED:26.05.2011. 13:15

  7th Symposia on Karst Protection

Following the tradition started several years ago, Student Spelologic and Alpinistic Club organizes the 7th Symposium on Karst Protection. As before, the topics of the Symposium are arranged not only to deal with karst protection, but also to give karst explorers a chance to publish the results of their explorations.

The topics are:

1. Protection of protected areas on karst
2. Protection of karst waters and of karst
3. Results of speleological explorations
4. General aspects of karst protection
5. General karst research

As on all our previous meetings, we hope that we will help to make an advance in understanding the values we must protect and keep not only for us, but also for generations ahead.

PUBLISHED:05.03.2011. 17:48

  The Nekujbyshevskaya Branch in Krubera Cave has been pushed to -1697 m

In the period of August 5 – September 3, 2009, the Ukrainian Speleological Association have conducted the next regular expedition of the project to continue exploration of Krubera (Voronja) Cave and other caves of the Ortobalagan Valley in the Arabika Massif (Western Caucasus).

The group of 5 cavers led by Yury Kasyan continued exporing the Nekujbyshevskaya Branch in Krubera, following the achievements of recent years there. Nekujbyshevskaya is a distinct branch that diverges from the main one at -250 m and stretches to the north-west, in the direction opposite to the overall trend of the Main Branch. Starting from the depth of about -750 m, the Nekujbyshevskaya Branch turns to south-east and stretches toward the deep section of the Main Branch.

 In 2009, the Ukr.S.A. expedition has reached depth of -1557 m in the Nekujbyshevskaya part.

 After passing a 2-m long sifon that terminated exploration in 2009, the group has pushed the cave for 140 vertical meters, to a next

(narrow) sifon. This has increased depth of the Nekujbyshevskaya Branch to -1697 m. The group has also discovered and mapped two new passages at the level of about -1300 m, adding almost 300 m to lenght.

The total length of the Krubera Cave became 16,058 km. Depth remains at -2191 m, as established by a 46 m deep dive in the terminal siphon in the Main Branch performed during the 2007 Ukr.S.A. expedition. Another group, led by Nikolay Solovjev, worked on resurveying and further exploring of the nearby Arabikskaya System (-1100 m).

Revised profile and plan of Krubera can be viewed at:

An updated 3-D outline model of Krubera Cave can be viewed here:

Alexander Klimchouk

  PUBLISHED: 12.12.2010. 15:58

Dragonnaière de Gaud accident (Ardèche - France)

As you may know, Eric Establie, 46 , who was missing in the sump of the Dragonnaière de Gaud (Ardèche - France) since the 3rd of October, has been found without life on the 11th of October at 900m from the sump entrance at -70m, after 8 days of an unprecedented cave rescue that have included cave-diving rescue experts from numerous European countries. The official reports links of the SSF (French Cave Rescue - Spéléo-Secours Francais) can be found at the end of this post.
It's with a great sadness that we reproduce here :

the English translation and the French original of the message written on the 13th of October by his son, Arthur, 14, and his wife Evelyne. At the end of the post you will find the English and the French version of the message written by the president of the French Federation of Speleology (FFS).

An homage will be paid to Eric at the end of the month in Casola during the IInd EuroSpeleo Image'In Festival.
Condoleances messages can be written on the FSE commemoration page :

They will be transmitted to the family. On this page you find For information, Arthur has also opened an official page on :
On behalf of the FSE Bureau and the FSE members, we send our deepest sympathy to Evelyne, Arthur and their relatives, and our heartfelt thanks to all the European cavers that have helped on the field and from elsewhere.

For the Bureau FSE, Olivier Vidal - Secr. General FSE


White Nose Syndrome fungus (WNS) - Europe  

Dear caving friends,
As you might know the presence of the White Nose Syndrome fungus (WNS), that have already killed more than one million bats in the
USA (cf. ), has been detected in Europe (Perigueux, France). All the details about this presence has been stated in the article of Dr Sebastien Puechmaille:

For the moment no fact has established that European bats would risk the same situation as in the USA - the research is still going on - , but of course the principle of prevention has to apply.

Face to this situation, the FSE created the European Workgroup on WNS.

Because no information and recommendation concerning the WNS in Europe were spread among the European cavers, the FSE WNS workgroup created a fact sheet on WNS (enclosed to this e-mail). This document should be broadcasted in every European country, in order to avoid the spread of WNS in Europe and also to gather more information on this syndrome in Europe.

If you have information about WNS in your country or in other areas, or if you have any remarks, please send an email to:

On behalf of the FSE European Workgroup on WNS,

Ioana Meleg,

ECPC President


Petition to StopTrade, Import and Export of Cave Contents  

Regarding Article 3(b) and (l) of the Treaty establishing the European Community and the UNESCO Convention (concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage), we, the signatory organisations, petition to stop the trade, the import and the export of cave contents.
Analogous to the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, there is an urgent need for a convention on the nonliving hertiage of the world. This includes among others cave contents.
Caves and karst areas are transbounday regions, but the legal framework dealing with caves and cave protection varies greatly within the EU memberstates. The EU Habitats Directive only mentions bats but no other cave fauna. The EU Groundwater Directive does not take karst phenomena like high flow rates and low filtration capacity into account. With the ongoing climatic change and the expected water shortage the importance of karst aquifers will increase even more. Up to now there still is a profound lack of knowledge, concern and protection for caves and karst in the European Community.
Caves are one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. They are also archives - archives of evolution, culture, climate and geological history. To be meaningful, the protection of caves has to include the protection of cave contents - otherwise it would only be the protection of the cover of a book without its pages.
Cave contents include speleothems, fossils and archeological findings.
Speleothems are defined as any natural mineral formation or deposit occurring in a cave or lava tube, including but not limited to stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, cave flowers, flowstones, concretions, draperies, rimstones or formations of clay or mud.
Caves from which stalactites, stalagmites or other speleothems have been removed lose their glamour and beauty. Besides this loss of aesthetic and emotional value, invaluable scientic informations which are contained in these, like palaeoclimatic data, are lost as well. The trade in these unique formations fosters the destruction of the beauty and the scientific context of caves.
Fossils and subfossils are often found in caves and their uncontrolled removal is not only a loss for scientific research but can also lead to significant damages of the cave and its contents.
Generally, all member states have laws dealing with archeological discoveries. However, archeological sites inside caves are usually not easily visible. Experts are needed to detect and evaluate sites prior to their uncovering. Even minimal changes in sensitive sections of a cave can lead to the total destruction of a unique archeological site.

Scientific investigations of speleothems, fossils or other cave contents must always be reduced to a minimum, to avoid an excessive depletion of the cave’s natural features. Decisions require careful considerations by specialist researchers and advise from experienced cave and karst experts. If research on a speleothem or fossil will likely result in the destruction of a sampling site, the choice should be to abstain from the study.

Petition to StopTrade, Import and Export of Cave Contents

To ensure the protection of cave contents, the following demands have to be implemented:

a) No speleothems or fragments of these (even if already broken), fossils or archaeological
findings should be extracted from caves, except for cases mentioned under c).
b) A stop of trade, import and export of cave contents has to be enforced.
c) Scientific sampling has to be restricted in quantity and damages to the absulte necessary minimum. Scientific benefits have to be maximized through consultation with cave experts.

Fédération Spéléologique Européenne

European Speleological Federation


Casola 2010 - news

The biggest speleological event of the early 2010' decade will start in 40 days and it's now that you need to organise with your club to go there and participate to this big European gathering where Speleology and Underground Video will be commemorated !!!

When and Where is it ?
Casola Valsenio is a 3000 inhabitants village in the heart of the Italian Apennines at 60km south of Bologna and 90km north of Florence.
It's very easy to get there by car, train, plane, bus, etc. You'll find a map of it and the bus stations on :

and it is from the 29th of October to the 1st of November 2010, in 40 days from now ...

Where can we sleep there ?
In Casola you'll find campings, B&B (Agroturismo), hotels, etc. It's better to book it asap so that you can get the type of lodging you want. All the details are on :

For the food, you'll have the famous SpeleoBar and the fantastic Italian food in the numerous stands.

What is the program of the 2nd EuroSpeleo Image'In ?
There you will find everything you have ever dreamed of for a Speleo gathering ... and much more ...
Films, Videos, Photos, Equipped Caves, Exhibitions, Conferences, Round-tables, Meetings, Workshops,etc
All the details are on :

With more than 3000 cavers coming from all over Europe, Casola is THE Speleo experience that can not be missed in your Caver life.
It's in Europe, at few hours trip from your club, and there you will find the legendary SpeleoBar and Italian Way of Speleo Life ...
See you very soon in Casola !

Organisation Team
2nd EuroSpeleoImage'In "Casola2010"
Email :
29 Oct - 1 Nov 2010 - Casola Valsenio - Italy


Fédération Spéléologique Européenne
European Speleological Federation
+33 6 81 61 16 70
Email :
Web :
Forums :


Krubera-Voronya expedition 2010

Dear friends,
The last expedition members successfully returned back from expedition a couple days ago. The expedition is over. 
I would like to say that taking into account all the challenges we had, we reached the most valuable results of expedition: we collected very interesting water level data and reprogrammed datalogers or future 4 years, finished exploration of Spanish branch, collected interesting samples of insects. Moreover most of participants (13 participants) reached their own depth aims. 
We are very proud that expedition member Saule Pankiene became the first lady in the World that reached the Two Captains sump -2140m.
Unfortunately we haven't succeed to reach some main tasks of expedition. The diving in the Two Captains sump was unsuccessful because of lack of time, relevent human resources and technical problems with diving equipment. The plans to dive and explore bottom part of the cave is postponed for the future.
Also we would like to mention that we have succeeded to take most of the expedition gear including all expedition garbage from Voronya this year. A big thanks to Sokolniki-RUDN team, that helped us to take the bags out. There was left some diving bottles in the cave that we will plan to use and take next year.
We got very interesting data from Two Captains - the water level in June is rising up to 230 meters in the bottom. Even in winter - on January, water is rising up to 50 meters. It is more dangerous to work in this zone as we expected. The lowest part of water level is in August and September... Now we are going to make analysis of the data and will provide the report about gotten results. 
At the moment we are also going to collect photos and other material and will provide to you for your own PR purposes very soon. 
Best regards,
Aidas Gudaitis
expedition leader.

  PUBLISHED: 13.09.2010. 16:54

Srečanje slovenskih jamarjev Velenje - Huda luknja 3.-5.9.2010

Jamarstvo v koroško-šaleški regiji ima dolgo tradicijo. Tam se nahaja "podzemni biser osamelega krasa" Huda luknja, ki velja za eno najstarejših turistično opremljenih jam v Sloveniji. Za obiskovalce je bila odprta že leta 1895 raziskovalce pa privablja še dan danes. Leta 1935 je bil v takratni Dravski banovini ustanovljen jamarski klub "Speleus"katerega naslednik je današnji Koroško-šaleški jamarski klub Speleos-Siga.

Vse jamarje vabijo, da se jim pridružite na tri dnevnem srečanju, ki bo potekalo pri jamarskem domu, v Hudi luknji in v okolici jame Huda luknja od petka 3.9. do nedelje 5.9.2010. Na srečanju se bojo zvrstila predavanja z jamarsko tematiko ter jamarske ekskurzije v Hudo luknjo in druge okoliške jame. Poskrbljeno bo za različne družabne igre ter tekmovanje v žimarjenju. Vsemu skupaj bo sledila proslava ob obletnici kluba ter zabava na prostem. Vikend pa bo namenjen tudi izpitom za jamarske pripravnike in jamarje.


 OBJAVLJENO: 02.09.2010. 11:44

4th International Workshop on Ice Caves

Obertraun, Austria, June 5 - 11th, 2010

IWIC is a workshop entirely devoted to ice cave research. We wish to offer a place to point out the state of art, to discuss ongoing research efforts and to foster international cooperation. We welcome contributions related to any aspect of ice cave research, and particularly:
Ice cave climatology and the relations between hypogean and epigean environments
Morphology and mass balances of cave ice deposits
Stratigraphy and internal structure of hypogean ice deposits
Ice sampling methods
Cave ice crystal fabric
Chemical and isotopical studies on cave ice and its fluid inclusions
Applications of radiometric dating methods
Palynology, dendrochronology and other biology-related studies applied to ice cave research.

 PUBLISHED:14.05.2010. 11:53

Casola 2010 - Incontro internazionale di speleologia

The Casola 2010 international caver meeting will be a really big event, with a lot of cavers coming from Italy, Europe and allover the world. The meeting will take place from 29-10 till November the first 2010.

In 2006 over 3000 cavers reached Casola Valsenio for sharing experiences and ideas, for showing reportages, exhibit technical equipments and living a friendly time. The “focus” of 2010 meeting concerns the new ways for communicating caves and caving to “not caving people”.

There will be an important Euro contest about “short videos 30”-180”, ideal audiovisual clips for social networks (You Tube and so…). Casola Valsenio is in the Province of Ravenna, in the North of Italy. It’s a nice village, near very particular gypsum hills in the “Parco Regionale della Vena del Gesso Romagnola”. There will be interesting guided tours in the caves and all around the karst area. You can easily reach Casola Valsenio by car from A1 (exit Faenza or Imola, Castebolognese and then Casola V). Bologna airport is only 50 km far from the meeting. Train (till Castelbolognese) and bus are available. More informations next on this site! You can also click “Contatti” & send a mail to Casola Info.

 PUBLISHED.04.2010. 18:28

Balkan Cavers Meeting “Jasen ’2010”

Balkan cavers meeting “Jasen ’2010” was held near Belitsa village, FYR of Macedonia from 8 to 11 April 2010. It was organized by Macedonian federation of speleology, speleo club "Ursus speleos» Skopje, with the support of the Public Enterprise for Management and Protection of the Multipurpose Area Jasen - area (covering the river Treska and the entire valley and adjoining). The territory or management covers an area of 32 000 ha including the Yakupitsa (Vodno) mountain. It is located in the central part of Macedonia to the west of the town of Veles and south of Skopje. The Yakupitsa embrace several mountain ranges between the rivers Treska, Vardar and Babuna. The highest peak is Solunska glava (2540 m.n.v), near which is located the Solunska Glava Cave, which is the second deepest in Macedonia (- 450 m.). In the area of the second highest peak of Mount Karadzhitsa (2 473 m) is the entrance of Slovachka yama cave (- 525 m) which for now is the deepest in the country. The region is the subject of joint Slovakian-Macedonian expeditions. A significant part of the mountain is covered by karst. In its scope can be found among dozens of caves. Here is the longest cave in Macedonia - Slatinski izvor (4 km long) close to Slatino village;  the cave with the largest entrance in the country; the karst spring "Vrelo”, which is one of the most deepest in Europe (- 190 m). It was subsequently the subject of investigation by Bulgarian, French, Belgian, Italian and Macedonian cave divers, but its end is not yet reached.On 8 April, a mountain hut near Belitsa vill. becomes gathering place of the cavers from the Balkan countries. Besides representatives of the organizers in the face of the caving clubs “Ursus speleos ", "Peoni "," Vrelo " from Skopje and Zlatovrav" -  Prilep, the hut gathered there 5 cavers from Bulgaria (the clubs "Academic" and "Helictit” from Sofia ), 8 representatives of Romania, by two speleologists from  Slovenia and Croatia, 4 Serbian cavers! The meeting was opened by Gordana Janakievski - President of the Macedonian Federation of Speleology. On behalf of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, Balkan Speleological Union and European Federation of Speleology the participants were welcomed by Alexey Zhalov. The program continued with a presentation of the activities of the associations participating in the meeting, which was interrupted for technical reasons. In the next few hours of break the participants had the pleasure to visit one of the attractions of the area – the Peshna Cave near Lokvitsa vill. It is an active river cave with phenomenal entrance with dimensions 16.8×52.4 m.  The visit of this cave was also an opportunity for us to see remains of a Byzantium fortress. The legend says that this fortress used to be the home of Pesna - a sister of King Marko (1335- 1395). On the opposite side of the cave there is another fortress - Devini Kuli, known to have been the home of the second sister of King Marko - Deva. After the Peshna Cave we visited the karst plateau above it where was locates Kraptski ponor (sinkhole). It is supposed that this is a sinking place of Peshnitsa rivers which springs from the Peshna Cave. The distance between the points of sink and appearance of the water is 10 km with denivelation of several hundred meters. As a result of the joint Macedonian-French Research the sinkhole was explored down to 1.5 km with depth ~ 160 m. In the old sinkhole of the same river, which is located ~ 200 m of the active cave, the explorers also have entered ~ 1.5 km. According to cavers from the Macedonian club «Peoni", the distance between the two galleries of the caves is only 5 m. According to existing data, the development of a large cave system, which is a comprehensive study on the future.Presentations continued until late evening with the stories, photos and movies from Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian and Romanian colleagues. The third day of the meeting was assigned to the penetrations into some of the most interesting caves in the area near the village of Slatina: Slatinski Izvor, Gorna Slatinska Cave and Puralo. All three caves were with interesting morphology and with beautiful decoration. In thee evening was held official meeting of the Balkan Speleogical Union. The secretary of the Union A. Zhalov reported about the activities of the in the period after the 3rd Balkan Camp in Turkey - the constitution of the three working commissions and election of their presidents. He presented the newly elected Chairman of the Cave and of karst protection commission Veselin Drobenov from Bulgaria. V. Drobenov shared his ideas on the activities of the commission and its first steps. After the final words of Gordana  Janakievska and A. Zhalov, the participants in the Balkan Meeting "Jasen'2010" wished each other  good-bye to the next events in the Balkan Speleological Union.The morning of April 11 put a final end to the first of all 6 Balkan events, which will be held during the year. It is more than certain that the meeting fulfilled its main task, namely to create conditions for mutual understanding and establish friendly relations between the Balkan countries speleologists and to motivate speleologists to participate in the 5th Balkan and Balkan Camp and cave expedition which will be held here in 2011. The provided accommodation and food and the general overall organization and conduct of the meeting were perfect. They are the result of the efforts of members of the Macedonian Federation of Speleology, Club “Ursus speleus” and the Management of the enterprise "Jasen." Therefore we owe thanks the Macedonian colleagues for their hospitality and care during our stay in Belitsa and generally in Macedonia.

Reported by Alexey Zhalov

The photos from the meeting are available at:!/album.php?aid=2045596&id=1572936474&ref=mf

  PUBLISHED: 20.04.2010. 23:24

Protection of caves in Bulgaria

Dear Colleagues!

Please find below the English version of the Petition which we arrange and you can find here:

We will be very appreciate of you  if sighing the Petition  you  join to our efforts for approval of the Draft Low of Caves! Please spread this info among caving community in your country!

Thank you in advance!

Alexey Zhalov

Vice president of Bulgarian Federation of Speleology


Ladies and Gentlemen,

the  900 members of the 35 caves club, united by the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology (BFSp),  insist   that  Bulgarian state  must take expansive measures for the protection of our caves!

Following the 80-year activity of hundreds of cavers throughout the country were
studied and mapped  around 6 000 caves. Most of them is with scientific, cultural, aesthetic and economic importance:

In the Suhi  Pecs (Kozarnika) (1 600 000 – 1 400 000 ) , Bacho Kiro, and Temnata Doupka Cave , and many other caves  we have the oldest traces of human culture in Europe;
- Hundreds of Bulgarian caves were used as sanctuaries and monasteries with religious purpose;
- Bulgarian caves are inhabited by over 800 unique species of cave animals;
- Bulgarian caves are the habitat of the largest bat colonies in Europe;

- 40 Bulgarian caves are used for residential and business water supply;
- In Bulgarian caves were discovered over 50 species of cave minerals;
- Bulgarian caves thousands of unique
  concretions (stalagmites, stalactites, etc;
- 9
 tourist caves are open for the  public and welcome thousands of tourists;
- 124 caves, karst formations and springs are on the list of our national geological heritage.

Ensure that existing laws, in most cases, formal and incomplete, preserving only those karst terrain and objects that are part of protected areas - national and natural parks, reserves and natural monuments - or are part of the NATURA 2000 network in Bulgaria.

Under the most serious imminence are caves that are not protected by existing laws, as are almost all (5 100) of surveyed caves in Bulgaria so far. They are subject to destructive and unpunished human activities - changes in their physical integrity - their distortion of the wrap, destruction of cave formations, cave fauna destruction, illegal business career, treasure and many others.

In 2004, in accordance with EU Directive 92/43, the Agreement on the Protection of European Bats (EUROBATS), in which Bulgaria is a party and 26/93 on the recommendation of the Commission, the Ministry of Environment and Water commission of the Bulgarian team Federation of Speleology to develop a draft Law on the caves.
The purpose of the bill was to put the protection of caves in Bulgaria before any other interests. He was adopted by the Council of Ministers and deposited in the 39th National Assembly. After never reached the Chamber, the law was submitted for consideration by the 40 th National Assembly and was passed on first reading by the Commission on the Environment and Water. Time for second reading of the draft by the committee and not come back do not get to discuss it in plenary.
What are the consequences?

Continue with even more appalling destructive power in the Bulgarian caves:
- Their outstanding property raises serious problems with their conservation and environmentally-use;
- Constantly increasing number of illegal dumpsites in caves;
- Many caves have been destroyed or threatened by destruction of the career activities;
- Impunity to pollute springs and karst cave rivers with unpredictable consequences for population health using these water sources;

- Increased illegal trade in caves;
- Unscrupulous treasure hunters destroy priceless hand continuous layers of human history and civilization;
- Irregular tour operation destroys the natural integrity of the caves and adversely affect the habitats of rare and endangered animal species - bats, birds, underground invertebrate fauna.
Exposing all these problems, and in this and our concerns, we believe that effective protection of the Bulgarian caves can be decided only by the adoption by the National Assembly Act caves!

We hope that the Bulgarian National Assembly will not allow our caves, which are an integral part of Bulgarian natural and universal, cultural and historical heritage to be lost for future generations.
For this we turn to Ms. Tsetska Tsacheva - Chairman of the National Assembly and to all Bulgarian MPs and to Mr. Boyko Borisov - Prime Minister of Bulgaria Rebublika take to heart the fate of the Bulgarian caves and to arrange for the introduction and adoption of
Law of the caves!
In the text of the bill can be found at today's National Assembly or the site.

Let us with intelligence, and joint efforts will preserve 6-thousand Bulgarian caves!

Link to the petition:


The International Conference "Speleology and Spelestology: Development and Interaction of Sciences", Russia, November 16-20. 2010.

The International Conference "Speleology and Spelestology: Development and Interaction of Sciences" will be held in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia in November 16-20. 2010.

The conference is being organized by International Conference "Speleology and Spelestology: Development and Interaction of Sciences", Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia by the Institute of Georgaphy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Geographic Society, Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology, Russian Society of Spelestological Researches, Naberezhnye Chelny Pedagogical Institute, under the patronage of the UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis.

After scientific sessions, two days excursion will be organized. The participants will visit the capital – Kazan and speleological and spelestological objects of Tatarstan: Sarmanovsky and Aktashsky copper mines (XVIII cent.); gypsum caves; Kamsko-Ustyinsky gypsum mine – one of the largest in Europe.

The topics of the Conference are:

1. Section of Speleology:
-Modern methods of studies using GIS;
-Problems of Speleogenesis;
-Results of regional speleological researches;
-Caves in mine workings;
-Historical, archeological and paleozoological studies of caves;
-Mineralogy of caves;
-Ice caves.

2 Section of Spelestology (artificial caves)
-Methods of studies and inventorying of caves;
-Regional spelestological studies;
-Secondary mineral formation;
-Geoecologic research aspects;
-natural and antropogenic factors of the formation of underground landscapes.

3 Section of protection and use of the caves
-Cave ecology;
-Legal questions and practice of protection of the caves;
-Recreational e activities and safety.
Deadline for submissions: June 1st 2010.
For correspondence and submissions, please use the following addresses:
Gunko Alexey (the executive secretary):
Dolotov Yurii:

More details in the 1st Circular:

Official page (with online pre-registration options):

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National Congress of Speleology, the XXXVIII –th edition

Speodava Caving Club ( is organizing the National Congress of Speleology, XXXVIII-th edition during 9-12 September 2010 in Stei, Bihor county.
The organization is under the auspices of the Romanian Caving Federation (FRS). Also our partners : “National Avram Iancu” College Stei, Natural Park Apuseni, Stei City Hall, support from the Mountain Rescue Association Bihor, Romania Caving Rescue Service ( CORSA ), Caving club Crysis Oradea, Caving club “Z” Astileu, and Cristal Caving club Oradea. In 1972 the romanian cavers have reunited for the first time during a manifestation called “Speosport”. Since then, this event has repeated its self until 2000 when it became The National Congress of Speleology. The National Congress of Speleology is the annual reunion of the romanian cavers lead by The Romanian Caving Federation. The event marks a year of work balance is equally a forum for expression and debate on all matters related to caving, carstologie or related to them.
Some information:
- Updated information will be found on and/or on . Everything we know and plan will be posted on the site immediately. If some information is not on the site, it means we don’t have information about a certain thing or some things are yet to be scheduled. If you need more details contact the organizers at .
General Information
The National Congress of Speleology, XXXVIII –th edition will take place in the city Stei , National College “Avram Iancu” Stei, Apuseni Natural Park. The College offers to its organizers, a conference hall, gym, rooms for meeting in groups in boarding accommodation, hotel, playground, cafeteria for serving meals. Stei city ( / ) is located in Beius Depression, on the bank of Crisul Negru ( Black River), the southern foot of Bihor Mountains and the northern foot of Codru Moma Mountains.
Program :
04 - 08 September – Pre-Congress trips 09 - 12 September – Congress Manifestations Detailed program will be sent on to you in the next emails.
Congress Fee – 40 lei (10 euro). The registration fee includes access to all sections of the Congress, festive meal, map and participation badge, accommodation in tents, 5% discount on shopping or service from our sponsors.
We provide the following discounts for advance fee payment :
- Until 30 May = 50%
- Until 30 June = 30%
- Until 30 July = 10%


 PUBLISHED:27.02.2010. 16:04

Statuti međunarodnih speleoloških organizacija

Na Hrvatskom speleološkom poslužitelju dostupni su statuti međunarodnih speleoloških organizacija s kojima surađuju hrvatski speleolozi:

PDF Statut UIS  (Međunarodna speleološka unija)

PDF Statut FSE. FSE regulations.  (Europska speleološka federacija)

PDF Statut BSU.  (Balkanska speleološka unija)

 PUBLISHED:26.02.2010. 18:57


 PUBLISHED: 25.02.2010. 17:45

18. međunarodna škola krša "Klasični krš"

 18. međunarodna krasoslovna škola "Klasični krš" održat će se od 14. do 19. lipnja 2010. u Postojni, a biti će posvećena Dinarskome kršu. To je prostrano, 800 km dugo i do 150 km široko krško područje, koje zauzima veći dio Dinarskih gora te zapadni dio Slovenije. Karakteristike dinarskog krša su velike cjelovite površine, izuzetna raznolikost reljefnih oblika, izuzetne špilje, velike rijeke ponornice i krški izvori. Zbog izrazite specifičnosti oblika i pojava na ovom se prostoru vrlo rano počelo sa znanstvenim istraživanjima i prvim opisima krša. U 19. stoljeću je iz imena pokrajine Kras nastao termin karst, a lokalni nazivi reljefnih oblika, dolina polje, uvala, i ponor postali su stručni termini. Na ovom su prostoru otkrivene i opisane prve jamske životinje.
Unatoč otkriće mnogobrojnih novih krških područja u drugačijim geološkim ili klimatskim uvjetima, dinarski krš ostaje još uvjek svjetski važno krško područje. Dinarski krš je locus typicus za mnogobrojne oblike i pojave, mjesto intenzivnog istraživanja, kao i mjesto susretanja kršoslovaca čitavog svijeta.
Namjera susreta je prikazati karakteristike dinarskog krša i omogućiti mlađim generacijama kršoslovaca usporedbu ovoga krša sa drugima krškim područjima.
Raspravljat ćemo o karakterističnim obilježjima ovoga krša, o povijesti istraživanja, o mišljenjima i idejama i to usporediti sa drugim krškim područjima od tropskih do polarnih krajeva. Posjetit ćemo karakteristične reljefne oblike i najznačajnije špilje.
U školu pozivamo sve kršoslovce, stručnjake, mlade znanstvenike, studente, projektante života na kršu te sve ostale koje krš privlači.
Rad škole održat će se po sljedećem programu:
uvodna predavanja,
gostujuća predavanja,
krška tematska predavanja,
predstava plakata i
ekskurzije i terenski rad.
Uvodna predavanja će obuhvatiti sljedeće teme Dinarskog krša:
geomorfologija dinarskog krša,
geologija dinarskog krša,
hidrologija dinarskog krša,
biospeleologija dinarskog krša i
speleologija dinarskog krša.

Prijave i informacije:

PUBLISHED: 17.02.2010. 21:26


Dear cavers,
We, Macedonian Speleological Federation and Balkan Speleological Union, would like to invite you to take part in the meeting of the Balkan speleological federations. The meeting will be held in Republic of Macedonia, in the municipality of Makedonski Brod, village Belica. Date of the meeting is from the 8th of April till the 11th. The agenda for the meeting will be attached to the invitation letter. Please prepare short presentations about the activities in 2009 in your federations and if you are able to present us the law regulations about cave protection and cave management in your countries.
Food and accommodation for 2 representatives of each federation and BSU representatives, will be covered by our side. For other participants food and accommodation will be paid by themselves.
Please send us the registration list for participants coming to this meeting no late then April 01st 2010.
Information about this meeting will be placed on these web pages after February 10th 2010:

If you like to see more about the region where the meeting will take place go to

With CAR:
As shown on the map, you need to come to the municipality of
Makedonski Brod where information board will be put showing the road to village
Belica. For more info contact us. (Contact details on the last page)
With BUS:
In the Skopje Bus Station there is a mini bus going to village Samokov
everyday at 16:00h. The ticket price is about 7 euros in one way. If you are
planning to come with bus lets us know, so that a car is waiting to bring you to
You will arrive at the Airport “Alexander the Great”, which is near Skopje.
Then you follow the same route as with the Bus. Let us know if you are planning
to come with plane so we can arrange your coming to Belica.
If you are planning to stay in tents, in the yard of the mounting hut Belica
you can place yourself free of charge.
Mounting hut Belica:
For 2 representatives of each federation food and accommodation will be
at our cost. You will stay in the mounting hut Belica.
If there are more free places also other participants can stay there on their
If you are interested in staying in hotel check these web pages:
The hotels are nearby the place where the meeting will be held.
Bojan Petkovski (English and Bulgarian) ++38970254180
Ali Samet (English and Bulgarian) ++38971223894
Please send your registration form to
Further information and registration info can be found on these web pages

Alexey Zhalov c/o Balkan Speleological Union!
Dear Speleo Friends!
I would like inform you in advance that the Pre - Balkan Camp organised by Macedonian Federation of Speleology in Jasen Mt. will take place from 11 th April 2010!!! The Camp will be organised close to Belica vill , Makedonski Brod Municipality. The presentations of the national activities during the past 2009 year are forseen! The hosta are also interested abount the national regulation (legislation) for the cave protection of each Balkan counntry! The preliminary program forceen fairwell party with the Ambasadors of peresented countries in Skopie!
The official application of the camp will be available on the web pages of BSU and ,
Please put this data in your memorisers!
I hope to see delegates of each Balkan country in Macedonia!
Best regards
Yours friendly
Alexey Zhalov
Secretary General of BSU

OBJAVLJENO: 15.02.2010. 16:03

BSU events 2010-2011

Event Name, Period Place
Country Organizers - contact

Preparation of V Balkan Cavers Camp Pre Balkan Camp 2011 Meeting, Jasen Mt. FYR Macedonia SFM

Balkan Cave Research expedition “Mizhishnica-2010” , 2 to 8 May, Vratza Mt. Bulgaria BFS

Balkan Cavers Camp IV Balkan Cvers Camp, 15 – 18 July 2010, Padis Bihor Mt. Natural Park Apuseni Romania FRS

Balkan speleo rescue, Cave rescue traning, July 2010, Natural Park Jasen , Kula, FYR Macedonia SFM
NP Jasen
Macedonian Red Cross
Slovenian speleo rescue service

Balkan Cavers Training Camp
Technical Speological School
23 July – 01 August 2010, Caput Bihor Mt. Natural Paak Apuseni
Romania FRS

Balkan Cave Rescue Regional Cave Resque School
1-10 October 2010, Rosia Muntii Padurea Craiului Romania FRS

Balkan Conférence of Speleology Scientific Communication Sesssion "Sciences in labyrinth"
to be establish, Romania FRS

Alexey Zhalov
Secretary General BSU

OBJAVLJENO: 15.02.2010. 15:47


Dear Caving Friends, Chers Amis Spéléo,
As you might know the presence of the White Nose Syndrome fungus (WNS), that have already killed more than one million bats in the USA (cf. ), has been detected in Europe (Dordogne, France). All the details about this presence has been stated in the article of Sebastien Puechmaille from the University College Dublin - Ireland :

For the moment no fact has established that European bats would risk the same situation as in the USA - the researches are still going on - , but of course the principle of prevention has to apply. In the European speleological community, Italy seems to be the most advanced at this level since the SSI has sensitized its cavers of the risk and has already established preventive measures for the cavers in Italy not to be a factor of spreading the WNS outside of the caves they explore. The SSI document is available on :
- English version :

- Italian version :

Face to this situation, the FSE is creating a "European WNS work-group", coordinated in a first period by Ioana Meleg, ECPC president, who will have the following objectives :
- Gathering all the available information on WNS in Europe
- Establishing what could be the proposals of European preventive measures according to each phase of the situation (present, pre-epidemic, epidemic, etc).
- Making proposals to the European speleological community and collect the expressed remarks
- Making the link with the situation in each country
- etc
Sebastien Puechmaille has informed us about his agreement to be part of this workgroup.

If you have information about WNS in your country or in other areas, or if you are interested to participate to the work of this European work-group, please send an email to :
Of course we invite every motivated person to participate, it would be important to have at least 1 or 2 persons per European country.
Looking forward to reading you soon,
Best wishes,

for the/pour le Bureau,
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
European Speleological Federation
+33 6 81 61 16 70
Email :
Web :
Forums :

OBJAVLJENO: 15.02.2010. 15:47

Spele-O-Feminin 2010

Dear All,
The FSE and the UIS Techning department have the pleasure to officially invite you to participate to "Spele-O-Feminin" International Gathering from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2010 in Ardeche - France. It's the first time that a speleological international event will gather so many female cavers from all over Europe and elsewhere. Men are also welcome. SpeleO féminin is an FSE EuroSpeleo Project FSE and is organised by the Rhone-Alpes Speleological FFS Committee in partnership with the Teaching department of the UIS, and also different sponsors and institutions.

The idea has arisen from the discovery that, in different places in Europe, women organize camps to practice speleology together. We have therefore concluded that an international gathering of female speleologists could bring us a lot, on a human level and to share about our practices. This event will take place early April during Easter celebrations, in Ardèche, close by the Nature Reserve of Ardèche Gorges, globally known for its caves and prehistoric sites, between Lyon and Marseille. It will comprise cave visit and exploration, conferences, round tables, Gala night, movies projection and photos showing.
The practical details and the programme are on :

And all the information is available at :,english,559915.html

The modest financial help sought by the organizing team to several speleological structures is intended to make easier the venue and stay of attendees and more particularly those coming from far (Central Europe, etc) for which an allowance is provided for transport and accommodation.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Spele-O-Feminin,
Best speleological regards,

The Organisation Committee
Contact :,english,559915.html


Marcel Meyssonnier
President of UIS Teaching Commission
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
+33 6 81 61 16 70
Email :
Web :
Forums :

OBJAVLJENO: 15.02.2010. 15:30


Please broadcast this message to all your speleological networks /
Merci de faire suivre ce message à tous vos réseaux spéléo.

Dear Caving Friends / Chers Amis Spéléos,

It's with a great pleasure that you and your club are invited to the 5th EuroSpeleo Forum "SpeleoHungary 100" organised by the Hungarian Speleological Society (MKBT) under the patronnage of the European Speleological Federation (FSE) that will be held on the 7-9 May 2010 in Budapest-Hungary.

The new bilingual website of the event is available on :

It explains all the programme and detail all the tours that are included in the entrance fee of 30 euros.
To get this fee you need to register online as soon as possible starting on the 20th of February.

The huge European Speleological event will be THE event 2010 where all the European cavers will meet each other around many speleological activities :
Conferences, Movies, Free Cave Tours, Cave diving, Parties, SpeleoBar and much more !
If you have any question, please let us know at :

See you in Budapest at the 5th EuroSpeleo Forum,
Best speleological regards,
Szabolcs Leél-Őssy
Chairman of the Organizing Committee


Olivier Vidal

Secr. General FSE

+33 6 81 61 16 70
Email :

Web :

Forums :

OBJAVLJENO: 15.02.2010. 15:24

5th edition of the EuroSpeleo Forum

Dear Caving Friends, Chers Amis Spéléos,

This is with a great pleasure that the FSE announces you that the 5th edition of the EuroSpeleo Forum will be held during the "SpeleoHungary 100" event, 100th anniversary of the Hungarian Society, from the 7th to the 9th of May 2010 in Budapest - Hungary.

Everything has been made to welcome every European caver to gather there in order to meet and exchange. On site, there are plenty of possibilities of caving during and after the congress.

If you want to present a conference you can send it to :
as soon as possible before the 31st of December 2009.

Organisers have also prepared an "Hungarian SpeleoBar" that will be the main gathering point on the evenings.
Basic registrations are at 30 euros and full registrations including the different meals and all the proceedings are at 65 euros up to 31st of December 2009. Register soon !
All the information is on

The 2010 FSE General Assembly meeting will be held on the Saturday afternoon 8th of May 2010 on the congres site.

Should you have any further question please let us know,
Looking forward to seeing you there,
Best speleological regards,

for the/pour le Bureau,
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
+33 6 81 61 16 70
Email :
Web :
Forums :

OBJAVLJENO: 15.02.2010. 15:21


The biennial International Conference on Subterranean Biology (ICSB) is the premier forum for the presentation and discussion of advances in theoretical and applied subterranean biology.
Subterranean biology, also referred to as biospeleology or speleobiology, is an integrative field of biology dealing with all aspects of life in subterranean environments like caves, subterranean fissure systems, or groundwater.
Biennial international conferences (used to be called symposia) on subterranean biology are an initiative of the International Society for Subterranean Biology (ISSB), organized by appointed national members.
Postojna, Slovenia, is one of the world centers for cave and karst research, and historically known as the cradle of speleobiology. The first subterranean life – apart from mythical creatures – was discovered and described from the famous Postojna Cave.
Karst, or Kras, is a region in the vicinity of Postojna. The international term karst, used to denote a landscape type rich in caves and other geomorphological phenomena in carbonate rock, originates from here.
Organized under the auspices of the International Society for Subterranean Biology by:
Biotehniška fakulteta – Univerza v Ljubljani
Inštitut za raziskovanje krasa ZRC SAZU
Notranjski muzej Postojna
E-mail:,  web:

OBJAVLJENO: 19.11.2009. 12:41


Dear Caving Friends, Chers Amis Spéléo,
Thanks to our official partnership with the European caving rope manufacturer, BEAL, the European Speleological Federation (FSE) is able to present you the preview of the new caving rope technology that Beal has invented and that they will officialise on next week. It is a complex polymerization process called UNICORE that enables to bind the sheath of the speleo-rope to the core, while all the other qualities of the rope are kept and even reinforced. This specific process that Beal have patented enables us to have an 8.5mm rope that has all the qualities of the Spelenium 9mm rope with which we are used to. Like this, we gain in weight and in resistance of the sheath of the rope. For those who need type A ropes, the Beal Unicore Spelenium rope exists also in diameters 10.5 and 11mm.

You can access to the bilingual press release specially in preview on the FSE website (pdf file of 300 ko) :


And the videos in 5 languages of the comparative tests between Unicore and classic rope technologies are accessible on :

Should you have technical questions or suggestions about the Unicore tecnology, please send them to and you will receive an answer from BEAL.

Best wishes for your explorations,

European Speleological Federation
Fédération Spéléologique Européenne
Email :
Web FSE :
Forums :

OBJAVLJENO: 01.10.2010. 22:15


Ekspedicija Ukr.S.A. održana u kolovozu i rujnu 2009. produbila je granu jame Krubera (Voronja) nazvanu Nekujbyshevskaya na -1554 m. U ovoj ekspediciji sudjelovala su 52 speleologa iz Ukraine, Rusije, Moldavije i Izraela. Drugi tim od 20 speleologa iz Litve, Mađarske, Španjolske, Irske i UK također je radio u jami Krubera. Grana Nekujbyshevskaya počinje na -250 m i pruža se u smjeru SZ suprotno od smjera glavne grane. Na oko -750 m skreće na JI u pravcu dubljeg dijela glavne grane. U ovogodišnjem istraživanju zaobiđen je sifon na -1384 m te je istraženo 170 m dubine i 1251 m duljine. Duljina jame sada je 15 486 m. Dubina jame Krubera, najdublje jame na svijetu ostaje -2191 m. Ova dubina postignuta je ronjenjem na dubinu 46 m u završnom sifonu glavne grane tijekom ekspedicije Ukr.S.A. 2007. godine.

Novi 3D model jame Krubera.

OBJAVLJENO: 01.10.2010. 22:15