Unfortunately, people throw trash or dispose dirty water in some caves.  This is how underground streams become polluted.

“Ohhhh, this is horrible! Yuck! How will I get rid of this stench? I have a tummy ache! … Hey, kids, don’t drink us!  Ask your parents if we are clean enough to drink.  Even spring water can be polluted.”

“Bye, see you again!” says the droplet.  “Say hello to the Sun and the clouds!” says the calcite crystal to the water droplet that evaporates and rises towards the sky.

Karren, kamenitzas or karst ponds, caves, stalactites, stalagmites, cave pearls, flowstones, rimstone pools, cave rafts and many other unusual features made by droplets of water and calcite crystals in the limestone are part of a unique landscape called karst.

Many people in Croatia and elsewhere in the world live on the karst.  It is important to know how this landscape forms so that its beauty – and especially its water – can be protected for the benefit and enjoyment of all.